About Us

Our Origin


LE Castella – our ‘LE’ is derived from the Mandarin word “樂”, which means happiness. We believe happiness comes from the simple things in life, and the best happiness comes from our favorite memories during childhood. Do you remember the joy you felt eating your favorite candy while having fun with your friends? Memories of “古早味”-traditional and classic. It’s the kind of happiness we want to replicate.

LE Castella’s cakes embody the happiness we want to spread, fresh out of the oven, piping hot like the heart that beats with warmth and sincerity. And our cakes are fluffy like clouds, just like back in the days when times were simpler and we were so much more carefree. A simple and fluffy egg sponge cake that reminds us of simple joy with every bite- a reminder of love and happiness.

Our Specials

We do not ride on the trends of fluffy cakes. We are the leaders and pioneers of egg sponge cakes in Singapore; and just like the good feeling of happiness we keep in our childhood memories, we are here to stay for good.

Our cakes are regularly baked in store every day, so our customers can experience piping hot, jiggly, and airy cakes. Made with simple ingredients