LE Castella’s ‘LE’ is derived from the Mandarin word “樂”, which means happiness. Our cakes are freshly baked everyday, so you can enjoy piping hot, jiggly, and airy egg sponge cakes right from of your childhood memories. Our cakes symbolizes the happiness we want to spread, warm and simple like the love we felt when we were younger. Just like the good feeling of happiness we keep in our childhood memories, we are here to stay for good.

Original Cake

Made with simplest ingredients like eggs, flour, and milk. The Original cake bursts with eggy aromas, creamy yet fluffy at the same time. It’s really just the simple fluffy egg sponge cake full of happiness that we all know and love.

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Cheese Cake

Like the original cake but with layers of creamy cheese in between for that contrasting savory flavors. With extra cheese sprinkles on the top, it has various textures and flavors in just one Cheese cake.

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Chocolate Cake

Loaded with chocolatey flavors, the bittersweet taste isn’t too overwhelming for those looking for a simple snack. Just nice for chocolate cake lovers without the guilt.

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